integrity candle

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We believe in creating the world’s best candles. Nearly 150 years of history go into each carefully crafted candle, showcasing our exclusive core values of character, innovation, strength, integrity, honesty, and ingenuity and featuring the expertise in beeswax that can only come from the company founded by the father of modern beekeeping.

Our unique beeswax blend burns slower than other blends in the market and creates longer lasting fragrance blooms. Dignified elegance, sophistication and luxury in our first three-wick collection.

We believe in the strength of creativity and innovation, that true character is measured by honesty and integrity and the ingenuity that built our company has driven our success for nearly 150 years. We believe in American made.

  • Limited Edition Collection available in six warm and luxurious fragrances. We challenged our in-house perfumers to deliver to us the fragrance representation of each of the six values that personify our values at Root.
  • Natural Beeswax Blend
  • All natural cotton wicks for a cleaner burn
  • Essential oil based fragrances with high fragrance load
  • Up to 80 hours burn time

Integrity - The purity of Mayotte Vanilla with clove bud, spun sugar and tonka bean represent the highest virtue.


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